All your gigs in one place. One link to showcase your music to the world!

MyGigz simplifies the management of your live events, providing a single link to centralize all your concert dates. Update once and keep your audience always informed in a simple and efficient way.

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🎸 Welcome to MyGigz! 🎸

Join a thriving community of musicians and event organizers on a unique platform, available in 28 languages!

Are you in a band and looking for the perfect way to share your live gig dates with the world? MyGigz is here for you!

Currently, every time you have a new concert to share, you need to manually update all your social profiles, which is time-consuming and can be complicated. MyGigz solves this problem by providing a single link where you can centralize all your concert dates. This way, you can keep your audience informed easily and efficiently, updating the information once and having everything always organized and at hand.

Simply enter the date, the venue name, and the city, and your concerts will automatically align in ascending order.

MyGigz is a central place for all your live shows, letting everyone know where and when you'll take the stage.

With MyGigz, informing your audience about your dates will be super easy! 🤘🎤

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